The collection of water is self-evidently referred to in photographs of special techniques and treatment of the large water mass. Water, this wonderfully magical element of the World with its malleable nature and life-giving action in its various forms, its indescribable dynamics, its generative essence, always gives rise to emotions, stimuli and urges. Sometimes it calls you to follow it, sometimes to embrace it, sometimes to avoid it and sometimes to simply admire it.

The photographs from the Central Aegean, from the Laconic Gulf, from the Deltas of Axios or Nestos, from the Lakes of Central Macedonia are often involved with elements of human presence or activity, such as a ship fighting the waves, a lighthouse or a shipwreck that reminds.

The water in my photographs is an active substratum of Time that sometimes softens fatal human decay, sometimes provokes it, sometimes tragically highlights it. As moving or as standing still it demonstrates this common human sense of Time. Sometimes it is excruciatingly enlarged while at other times it defiantly shrinks. As a Time-cotton veil upon which men fall in love, mourn, or rejoice, or as a fierce battle-field on which they sometimes come out momentarily victorious or ultimately vanquished.