• Remnants II (Keramoti)

    Keramoti, Greece, May 2017
  • The plain of Thiva

  • tavern at the seashore

  • Springfields at Cyclades

    Iraklia island, Cyclades, Greece, May 2017
  • sea gulls

    Saronida, Greece March 2017

A short biography

I was born in Kavala (Greece) in 1966. I studied Business administration and Business informatics at Macedonia University of Thessaloniki. At the same years I studied Photography at Y.M.C.A. school. I have attended several workshops about digital photography, editing and post production proccessing.
I have also Msc in Marketing with new technologies.

I work as a web developer and e-business consultant. Photography is my escape into the world of untold and experiential. In life we go mainly from the Fortune options. Few are the decisions arising from the pure and free will significantly determine our course in time travel. At random then respond consciously or unconsciously with a yes or a no. Usually we say "NO" since this does not make us from the pressure relief safety habit. The "yes" Is that changing the course of life. My "YES" are my pictures.

My interests in photography are focused in a timeless approach. Seascapes or landscapes that represent the space as timeless, without a significant of time passage. As time is the core backround of our existence the substraction of it reveals the life remnants. This approach is depicted either as a dreamy atmosphere or a painting from the past.

Long Exposure Seascapes





Blank Wall Gallery: Black & White

2 Yakinthou Street 11364 - Athens - Greece

17 November 2015 - 03 December 2015

Black and white photography has been loved and faithfully served by many photographers around the world. There have been artists who exclusively take black and white photographs and stubbornly deny to shoot in color. They believe that the magic of a picture is better depicted in black and white, supporting the idea that the absence of color many times provokes imagination to create its own magnificent pictures.

Participating artists: Alex Moustris # Greece, Andreas Kamoutsis # Greece, Bruce Berkow # USA, Chiara Gerevasi # Denmark, Cmoon View # Switzerland, Cristina Cadamuro # Italy, Daniel Grant # USA, ,Duncan Wherrett # UK, Florin Firimita # USA, Gary Hook # USA, Johan Entchev # Finland, John MacKenzie # USA, Kenn Clarke # UK, Kristen Victoria Harner # USA, Marcello Perino # Italy, Margrieta Jeltema # Netherlands, Martin Vegas # Italy, Pericles Loucopoulos # Greece, Pete McCutchen # USA, Trevor Cole # Ireland

Blank Wall: Dreamlike Landscapes

12 Yakinthou Street 11364 - Athens - Greece

06 February 2016 - 19 February 2016

Photographs that create a dreamlike feeling. Time is there and gives a very vivid effect on the final result, These images present a distorted reality. They speak to each viewer separately and by inviting them to empty their minds from every thought, they create a variety of emotions and reactions, a different reality for each and everyone. Seemingly ordinary and everyday scenes are transformed into something different.

Participating artists: Alex Moustris # Greece, Gregoris Mentzas # Greece, Jamie Rowland # UK, Jeff Alves de Lima # USA, Joanna Epstein # USA, Kostas Barbadimos # Greece, Mariko Evans # Japan, Mark Chen # USA, Markus Green # Germany, Michael Wicks # USA, Miguel Cabezas # Spain, Panagiotis Feloukas # Greece, Patrick Whitaker # USA, Pete McCuchen # USA, Rohina Gandhi Hoffman # USA, Ron Colbroth # USA, Ronny Behnert # Germany, Ryan Alexandra Shanley # USA, Tom Harper # USA, Thomas Lemke # USA

Black Duck Multiplarte: Timescapes

Christou Lada 9A, Athens 105 61, Greece

04 October 2016 - 11 October 2016

There is a logical deadlock to manage something as incomprehensible as “time” in its own terms, such as “before", "never" or "after". This inescapable childhood naivety is what we are obliged to live with until the "end".

My relationship with “time” has never been harmonious. Since I remember myself, the impossibility of understanding time, lead me to images and transferences: Sometimes as an arrow that pierces an undefined void, or as fluid in the virtual bank of a warped river, or as a ripple on water… In most representations in my imagination time has a natural flow and water is therefore the most appropriate virtual entity. The sea with its vast space is a good supporter of this flow. The clouds as well. Both of these elements, through their motion, but mainly because of their magnitude, encompass the impression of the “ambiguity of limits", and are the most appropriate background imagery. Time as a dynamic uncertainty of an unknown source, flows to an undetermined destination and my main anxiety is my inability to recognize the purpose of this movement. This weakness of understanding the reason, I endeavor to demonstrate, yet not to prove. My fears which emerge from the above weakness, momentarily at least, are softened by preventing and freezing the flow. Photography seemed to be the perfect medium for this artificial immobility. The photographs presented in this exhibition present the freezing of the flowing fluid or flowing time. In many photographs this flow occurs in parallel with an element of the past which is usually neglected or abandoned. The landscapes presented with a dominant element of the sea and clouds capture the dynamics of the flow or as a snapshot or as a dreamy field where abandonment is depicted. Ships and fishing boats, abandoned in ship cemeteries,.. ship wrecks as a remembrance of a glorious past, debris from constructions afloat in the sea or washed out on rocky shores, where time disguised as the sea has carved. These are the key elements of this exhibition.


The international landscape photographer of the Year


01 December 2016 - 31 December 2016

Professional and amateur photographers worldwide were invited to enter the third International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. The International Landscape Photographer of the Year Award celebrates all genres of and approaches to landscape photography, presenting 101 of the very best contemporary landscape images, submitted by photographers working all over the world.


You can download the free ebook with all the awarded photos from the link above

One Eyeland World Photo Contest 2017


01 August 2017 - 10 October 2017

WORLD'S TOP 10 LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHERS 2017. One Eyeland is the best photo sharing site around that features top photographers and famous photography. The curated gallery of images spans a multitude of photography disciplines that include commercial, advertising, fashion, automotive, product, portraits, beauty, landscape and much more.

Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2017-18

Olympus Global Open Photo Contest

05 March 2018 - 05 March 2018

2017-18 Winners Art Category - First Prize

Judge's Comments:

Besides the technical aspect with superb editing and a contrasty black and white look, this photograph is very well composed. At a glance, it immediately reminded me of a painting. The waves in the foreground connect beautifully with the clouds. An outstanding photograph has to possess excellence in three aspects: Light, composition, and the moment – this photo for sure has them all.

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